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Outfit 1
When fusing with the Fusion Dance, the clothing comes out a lot different then with other types of fusion, and will always shows the same outfit on the fused character; A jacket, belt, wrist bands, shoes, and pants. This outfit you can see in the image to the left, and is identical to the one Gotenks' wears.
Outfit 2
This is the outfit seen when Vegito is born. Because it was a fusion created by the Potara Earrings, parts of clothing from both users were combined. Vegito wears this the entire time he is "alive", but that doesn't happen to be that long, since when absorbed into Buu Goku and Vegeta were un-fused, and both agreed, that they would never want to do that again, thus smashing both of the potara earrings and eventually escaping Buu.


Outfit 1
This is the first outfit we ever see Gohan in, worn in the very early parts of the Saiyan Saga. He continues to wear it up until the early parts of his training with Piccolo after Raditz was killed. It is also worn in a few of the movies, proving he has several or gets several pairs of the outfit.
Outfit 2
When training under Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga, Gohan turns Oozaru and completely destroys his previous pair of clothing. Piccolo then decides to give him a more suitable outfit for training. This new outfit looks a lot like ones of Goku's outfit which is originally based upon the Turtle school outfits. Gohan continues to wear this outfit until finishing his training with Piccolo and fighting Vegeta and Nappa. Right before the fight Gohan asks if he could have an outfit similar to Piccolo's and thus we see the next outfit.
Outfit 3
This armor is given to Gohan by Vegeta on Namek when they decide they will have no chance against Frieza and his Henchmen unless they team up. It is taken from inside one of Frieza's ships and is slightly outdated at the time. By this I mean new and more efficient models have already been made, but were all taken, so Gohan had to use this model. The armor is made of special elastics and can stretch to ANY size (i.e. Oozaru Vegeta). It's strong and durable, and protects him a bit during the fight with Frieza. Gohan even keeps it after he leaves Namek and decides to wear it when Frieza comes to Earth.
Outfit 4
This is the outfit Gohan is shown in through the Garlic Junior Saga. Like several of his previous outfits, it is modeled after Piccolo's clothing but without the cape. Also, like several of his other outfits, it didn't last long and got badly damaged.
Outfit 5
When the Z-Fighters prepare for the Cell Games, Bulma actually makes her own model of Saiyan Armor for them all to wear! Gohan wears it up until and through his training in the Hyperbolic Time chamber, wear he is first able to achieve Super Super Saiyan 1. After the training his clothes are so beat up he seems to have just thrown them out.
Outfit 6
After his intense training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Gohan asks Piccolo for an outfit just like the one he (Piccolo) is wearing. Piccolo happily agrees, and gives it to him. However, this time Piccolo includes weights built into the clothing along with a cape. Gohan keeps it, but takes it off in the time leading up to the Cell Games when he is not fighting. When the Cell Games finally arrive he puts it back on. During the actual fight with Cell Gohan removes the Cape, for better performance. Gohan also wears this outfit in DBZ Movie 8, but cannot yet go SSJ2.
Outfit 7
Although similar to the outfit Gohan wears when fighting Buu and also when training with Piccolo in the beginning of the series, it has slight differences and is not the same. It is only seen in Dragonball Z Movie 9: Bojack Unbound (never the series), and is most likely something made/given to him by Chi-Chi.
Outfit 8
When in High school, Gohan worries of people discovering his powers. So when fighting crime, he disguises himself with this costume calling himself the Great Saiyaman. Later, when he enters a World Tournament he is forced to remove his helmet since it provides extra protection. In place, Gohan wears sun glasses and a bandanna. Accidentally, Gohan's cape/bandanna fall off and when it comes time to fight his disguise is blown. However, he thinks the costume is pretty cool, so continues to wear it (even after the tournament ends, and in several movies), but without the Sunglasses, Cape, Helmet or Bandanna.
Outfit 9
After hearing of Goku's return and another World Tournament, Gohan quickly starts preparing. Him and Goten train and this is the outfit Gohan decides to wear. It's what he wears when fighting out of the Saiyaman costume. Gohan also wears this costume in Dragonball Z Movie 10: Broly: The Second Coming.
Outfit 10
When Gohan is taken to Otherworld to train on the Planet of the Kais, he is given this outfit by Kibito so he does not look so disrespectful. His new outfit now matches that of the highest Gods in the universe, is very honorable. Included in this outfit are even a set of Potara Earrings. While on the Planet, Gohan trains with the Z-Sword, and eventually breaks it releasing Old Kai. It is then that Gohan receives his training that allows him to go Mystic.
Outfit 11
Right before Gohan leaves to go back to Earth he requests this outfit from Kibito. It is modeled after Goku's outfit, but is slightly more red. Gohan wears this throughout his fight with Buu, but removes it when the fight is over. However, Gohan liked it the outfit so much he decides to put it back on in GT when fighting powerful villains. Please note this is not the same outfit Future Gohan wears, but comes the closest to looking like it.


Outfit 1
This is the outfit we see Krillin in when he is first introduced into Dragonball  He at this point was a Monk and had previously trained at Orin Temple, and all students there wore this out.
Outfit 2
When Krillin is accepted as a student of Master Roshi and starts his training, he changes to this outfit. Like most of Roshi's students, they keep it and slightly modify it long after they leave his training. Krillin continues to wear this outfit until he goes to Namek, and then after that seems to only put it back on if he plans to get involved in a fight.
Outfit 3
Vegeta "gives" Krillin and Gohan each some Saiyan armor from Frieza's ship on their adventure at Planet Namek. Although it's strong, Frieza eventually punctures a hole through it, almost killing Krillin.
Outfit 4
When Krillin starts to grow his hair and settle down and have a family, he wears this outfit. It's casual, not meant for fighting (showing he's pretty much quit at trying to become a stronger fighter), and he continues to wear until the end of the Buu Saga.


Outfit 1
Piccolo wears this from when he is first introduced at the 23rd World Tournament, to the end of Dragonball GT when he is shown in the depths of Hell. He slightly modifies in the period between Dragonball and Dragonball Z, but the difference is hardly noticeable. The white cape, hat, and cloth around his neck are all heavy weights that he uses for training and only takes off for serious battles.
Outfit 2
This is identical to the outfit above, but know the weighted clothes have been removed, giving you a view of what he wears underneath it. This is usually only seen when Piccolo is entering or in a serious battle, and the weights will only hold him back.
Outfit 3
In the last episode of the Trunks Saga, Chi-Chi forces Goku to take a driving test so he can get his license and drive her around. Since
Saiyan Armor

Royal Saiyan Armor:
We see this outfit only worn by King Vegeta and his son Prince Vegeta because they are royal Saiyans. However, Vegeta only wears this when he is a child. It is traditional Saiyan armor but the royal emblem (located on the chest) and red cape added.
Saiyan Armor Colored:
We see Vegeta wear this when he is traveling to Earth in the Saiyan Saga. When he actually arrives on Earth the armor is much more like the armor Nappa is wearing in the next image. The only thing that sets it apart from regular Saiyan armor is it's coloring.
Saiyan Armor Model 1:
This is the typical Saiyan armor, which most Saiyans wore. It's only later in the series that new variations and improved models are created. Which by this point most of the Saiyans has been killed.
Saiyan Armor v2:
On Namek Krillin receives armor similar to Nappa's. Unlike Krillin's, Nappa's armor has a crotch guard in the front along with more detail around the chest. Krillin also has a slightly larger jumpsuit underneath and his gloves/boots are just plain white.
Saiyan Armor v3:
On Namek Gohan receives this Saiyan armor from Vegeta, he wears a jumpsuit under that covers him from the neck down. This version of the armor has completely lost the crotch guards, and much detail. This model was also worn by Vegeta for his early time on Namek.
Saiyan Armor m2:
We see Vegeta in is this older style Saiyan armor that he took from Frieza's ship, during Goku's recovery. It is the same as his previous outfit, except this time there are no shoulder guards, and the jumpsuit is now navy blue.

Saiyan Armor Model 3: Bulma's Model:
This is a variation on the above armor that Bulma makes for Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Future Trunks. They all wear a blue jumpsuit under the armor that covers the whole back from the neck down. The armor is again white with a yellow section, but only covers the chest. The shoulder guards are now nothing but two little straps made of the same yellow material. White gloves and yellow tipped boots are also worn with the outfit. We mostly see this armor worn in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and considering the time this outfit was worn and how much training was done in them they held up well. When Vegeta wears the armor he decides to keep his blue jumpsuit, white gloves, and boots but uses the chest

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