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» Shenron -
Although this Dragon can only grant one wish, he is used the most in Dragonball and Dragonball Z. After a wish has been made, the Dragonballs are scattered to the corners of the earth. Once someone collects them and a year has passed, you can once again make a wish with the dragon. The dragon was created by Kami, but, when Dende became guardian he re-made Shenron to be able to have more wishes, and for those wishes to be more powerful than before. You cannot wish for someone to be killed.

» Porunga - This is the Dragon of Namek. When you make a wish with Porunga, the wishes must be spoke in the Namekian language. Porunga can grant 3 wishes. As with Shenron, there are 7 Dragon Balls and once the wishes are made the Dragon Balls scatter to the corners of the earth, but, instead of waiting a year you only have to wait a half year. You cannot wish for someone to be killed.

» Black Star Dragon - This is the most powerful dragon in the entire Dragonball series. He was made when Kami and Piccolo were one person. This dragon can do anything you want it to, but, the catch is that after you wish for something the Dragonballs get scattered across the universe. The worst thing about them though is that if you don't bring the Dragonballs back to where the planet the wish came from was, the planet will be destroyed.
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