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  Wishes Made

These wishes are all the wishes made with every single Dragon Ball. Technically, there would be a lot more wishes but they are not recorded or mentioned in the Dragon Ball series.

1. The very first wish never was in Dragon Ball but Master Roshi told the story of it. The first wish was made by a man who wanted to become ruler of the world. When he did become ruler of the world, he took his powers for granted and brought evil across the globe.
2. The second wish was made for the sake of all that is good. Good was finally able to conquer that which was all evil for a change.
3. After Emperor Pilaf collected all the dragon balls to become ruler of the world, Oolong was able to intercept the wish before Pilaf could and he wished for a pair of panties made of the finest materials in the world. Sometimes I wonder if he wears them to this day.
---Alternate: In the Dragonball 10 year anniversary Movie the wish is used to restore Hatchan after being destroyed by Black.
4. The dragon balls are finally recollected again after the Red Ribbon incident. Goku kindly offers the dragon balls to Upa to let him resurrect his father Bora.
5. Piccolo Daimaou, who was Kami's evil side after he rid himself of all evil, wished to be younger so he could be more capable of fighting.
6. Bulma wishes back all the people that were killed by Piccolo Daimaou.

Dragonball Z:
---Alternate: Movie 1, Garlic Jr. wishes to be immortal. Sucks for him because he became trapped in the dead zone.
7. After about a year of being dead from the fight with Raditz, the seventh wish was made to bring back Goku so he could fight against Vegeta and Nappa.
---Alternate: Movie 2, Dr. Wheelo's assistant wishes for the ice to be broken up around Dr. Wheelo's lab.
8. This was the first wish made with the Namek dragon balls. Piccolo is wished back so that the earth dragon balls would be restored and that he could fight Freeza.
9. Immediately made after the wish to bring Piccolo back, Dende made the wish to teleport Piccolo to Namek. The wish did not put him on random location on Namek. After this wish was made, the third wish could not be made because the dragon balls turned to stoned due to the death of Guru.
---Alternate: Movie 3, Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan wish for the forest to be restored like it was before the fire.
10. This wish was made by Mr. Popo as soon as he collected the dragon balls. He wished for all the people on Namek killed by Frieza and his men to be brought back to life. This had included Guru because Frieza's cruel ways and constant killing of Namekians had poisoned Guru's heart with sadness and despair, killing him. This enabled the third wish to be made with the Namek dragon balls.
11. Made with the remaining wish on the Namek dragon balls, this wish for all people on Namek except Freeza and Goku to be transported to Earth.
12. The Namekian dragon balls followed Guru back to earth, Guru made Muuri the eldest Namek. After 130 days, the twelfth wish was made to bring Krillin's body back to earth. Since his body was disintegrated on Namek and that if he was wished back he would be wished back where he died, where he would die again because there is no oxygen in space.
13. The second wish with the Namekian dragon balls was to bring Krillin back to life.
14. With one wish remaining, Yamcha was brought back to life. Tien wanted to stay with Chiaotzu since there was only one wish left. Yamcha fell in the water because after Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu died in the Saiyan battles, their bodies were brought to some place in the heavens which was not shown in the English version.
15. The Namek Dragonballs are brought back together to bring back Chiaotzu with the first wish.
16. Tenshinhan is then brought back to life with the second wish.
17. They were going to bring Goku back to life with the last wish but they find out he was already alive, so instead they were going to have him transported to earth but Goku did not want to come. So the final decision was to teleport all the Nameks and the Namekian dragon balls to a new planet Namek.
18. The eighteenth wish was to bring back all the people who were killed by Cell. Goku chose to remain dead as he was the cause for most of the problems ever since Emperor Pilaf. This wish was made for the first time with Dende's New Earth Dragonballs.
19. The second wish of Dende's Dragonballs (the New Earth Dragonballs can grant two wishes instead of one), was made by Krillin to have the detonation devices to be removed from Android #17 and #18.
---Alternate: Movie 10, wish was made to have help to defeat Broly. The help they got was to have Goku be relived for the time until Broly was defeated. Basically, Goku was alive for 4 minutes. These probably weren't made with Dende's Dragonballs for the balls scattered after only one wish.
20. Wish for the people who died from the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament to be revived. Most were killed by Majin Vegeta. Kibito was also revived and was able to restore energy to Gohan and the Supreme Kai.
21. Made with the Namek balls again, the Earth was restored. The Earth was destroyed by Majin Buu.
22. The second wish of the Namek Dragonballs at this time was to have everyone except evil hearted people killed by Babidi and his men to be brought back to life. Earth was basically returned to normal.
23. This wish was to restore Goku's energy back to full. This wish was made just in the time just as Goku was dieing. This enabled Goku to kill Buu.
24. This wish was to make everyone (except the Z warriors) forget about the Majin incident so that Buu and Vegeta would not be hated and would be accepted into society. And also, so that people will have no fear of the earth ever exploding again and that there is powers out there in the universe capable of doing so.
---Alternate: Movie 13, The Z Warriors gather the dragon ball to open up a box that was given to them by a suicidal man. Inside the box was Tapion.

Dragonball GT:
25. First wish made in the GT series, Pilaf collects the Black Star (or 'ultimate') Dragonballs and accidentally wishes for Goku to be a kid. His original plan was to become ruler of the world, like usual.
26. The second wish made by the Black Star dragon balls, Vegeta Baby wishes for a planet exactly like the old Planet Vegeta to be made.
27. Due to the Black Star Dragonballs' curse (where the planet the wish with the black star Dragonballs is made is destroyed), they re-gather the Namek Dragonballs to wish for Earth to be restored (again!).
28. A failed wish for everyone who was killed by the opening of the Gates of Hell to be restored with their lives. This wish failed due to negative energy build up within the Dragonballs over the years.
29. After the Evil Eternal Dragons are defeated, a wish is made to have everyone who died in the last round of fighting to be restored.

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